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What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.

Madhugiri Pincode / Post Office Search (TUMKUR, Karnataka)

Badakanahalli B.O 572175MadhugiriKarnataka
Badavanahalli S.O 572112MadhugiriKarnataka
Bedathur B.O 572133MadhugiriKarnataka
Bijavara B.O 572132MadhugiriKarnataka
Brahmasamudra B.O 572124MadhugiriKarnataka
Byalya B.O 572175MadhugiriKarnataka
Chandragiri B.O 572112MadhugiriKarnataka
Chikkadalavatta B.O 572127MadhugiriKarnataka
Chikkamalur B.O 572175MadhugiriKarnataka
Chinakavajra B.O 572132MadhugiriKarnataka
Chinnenahally B.O 572133MadhugiriKarnataka
Dabbeghatta B.O 572112MadhugiriKarnataka
Doddahosahalli B.O 572175MadhugiriKarnataka
Doddamalur B.O 572127MadhugiriKarnataka
Dodderi B.O 572112MadhugiriKarnataka
Ganjalagunte B.O 572132MadhugiriKarnataka
Garani B.O 572124MadhugiriKarnataka
Gondhihalli B.O 572175MadhugiriKarnataka
Gundagal B.O 572127MadhugiriKarnataka
Hanumanahalli B.O 572112MadhugiriKarnataka
Hanumanthapura B.O 572133MadhugiriKarnataka
Hosahalli B.O 572112MadhugiriKarnataka
Hoskere B.O 572132MadhugiriKarnataka
Jakkenahalli B.O 572112MadhugiriKarnataka
Janakaloti B.O 572124MadhugiriKarnataka
Kadagathur B.O 572127MadhugiriKarnataka
Kalidevarapura B.O 572127MadhugiriKarnataka
Karpenahalli B.O 572112MadhugiriKarnataka
Kavanadala B.O 572112MadhugiriKarnataka
Kodagadala B.O 572132MadhugiriKarnataka
Kodigenahalli S.O 572127MadhugiriKarnataka
Kodlapura B.O 572175MadhugiriKarnataka
Kondavadi B.O 572175MadhugiriKarnataka
Kotagarlahalli B.O 572132MadhugiriKarnataka
Lakshmipura B.O 572133MadhugiriKarnataka
Madhugiri S.O 572132MadhugiriKarnataka
Medigeshi S.O 572133MadhugiriKarnataka
Mydanahalli B.O 572127MadhugiriKarnataka
Neralekere B.O 572132MadhugiriKarnataka
Nitrahalli B.O 572132MadhugiriKarnataka
Parthihalli B.O 572127MadhugiriKarnataka
Puravara S.O 572175MadhugiriKarnataka
Rantawalalu B.O 572132MadhugiriKarnataka
Reddihalli B.O 572133MadhugiriKarnataka
Settihally B.O 572132MadhugiriKarnataka
Shravandanahally B.O 572127MadhugiriKarnataka
Sidadaragal B.O 572112MadhugiriKarnataka
Singonahally B.O 572127MadhugiriKarnataka
Suddekunte B.O 572127MadhugiriKarnataka
Teriyur B.O 572127MadhugiriKarnataka
Thadi B.O 572124MadhugiriKarnataka
Thimmalapura B.O 572112MadhugiriKarnataka
Thippapura B.O 572124MadhugiriKarnataka
Vaderahalli B.O 572132MadhugiriKarnataka
Yelkur B.O 572124MadhugiriKarnataka